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VOTING = YOU make decisions, not somebody else!

One of the greatest privileges and solemn obligations as an American citizen is the exercise of the right to vote. The United States can be a government “of the people, by the people and for the people” only if we, the people, cast an informed vote in every election.

Informed voting is the key to good government. Find out all you can about the candidates and issues. Read, listen, look, and think before you vote. Casting your ballot is important, but informing yourself before you cast that ballot is the mark of a citizen who is truly dedicated to fulfilling his or her duty.


Are you registered to vote?

If you have never registered, or if you have moved to a new address or changed your name since the last time you voted, you need to register or re-register. You can do that online at KSvotes.org. Within a couple weeks of registering, you will receive a postcard from the county Election Office acknowledging your registration and telling you where you will vote in person on election day.
We recommend that after you register or make a change in your voter registration, you check the statewide voter roll. If your name is not shown on the roll or any of the information is not accurate, you should contact the Shawnee County Election Office immediately get your information corrected and protect your right to vote in the next election.


Voter Registration

Kansas residents who registered to vote on or after January 1, 2013, should verify their status by checking the Kansas Secretary of State’s database. If your name is not on the roll, please contact your local election office (statewide list).

LWVK recommends everyone use the Federal Voter Registration Application. You may also register to vote online.



Your VOTE Matters!