logo for the League of Women Voters of Topeka and Shawnee County

I’m trying to find out where my caucus location will be on March 5th. Would you point me to where I can find this out?

If I’m registered as an unaffiliated can I caucus for either the Dems. or Reps?

We are interested in having a group come to our school carnival to help get folks registered to vote- is that something your group could do?  It is May 6th at 5:30 at Pawnee Elementary in Overland Park.  If not, do you know a group that would?

I am in charge of my elementary schools carnival. I just now heard about you all being at an elementary school Carnival to help people register to vote.

I wanted to find out if it would be possible to have you come to John Diemer Elementary in Overland Park on May 13 th from 6p-8p to help with registering voters.

Hi, I’m on the JOCO Democratic Party’s executive board and I’m helping with the caucus in Senate 8. Would it be possible to have one of your members with expertise in voter registration at the event with us? We will have volunteers but would really love to have someone there from your group.

I am writing a JoCo election piece this week that takes a bit of explaining.
If someone with the local league is delegated to work with news media, please have that person contact me Tuesday or thereabouts. I’ll be happy to discuss what I am working on and perhaps that person can point me in a helpful direction.

We were wondering about offering a voter registration day at our school for both students who are or will be 18 and for parents who may be unregistered.

Does our JoCo chapter have a phone number?  I was at a Voter Registration table today and was asked this question by a lady interested in the League.  I could not find a local number on the website (or on the web at all).