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President’s Perspective

March 2024

Don’t hesitate to be an advocate! It’s important you inform legislators about your position on proposed legislation. Give them your reason why you support or do not support proposed legislation. Advocacy can be done by phone call or email – or spend time in the Statehouse and make an appointment to meet with your legislator. 

 It’s the waning days of the 2024 Legislative session when most of the proposed legislation begins to advance to General Orders in the House and Senate. Oftentimes it can be difficult to follow committee, conference committee and floor action. 

There are numerous resources you may reference for the latest legislative action. Access the Kansas Legislative website at kslegislature.org.  You may review bill content, bill action and view audio/video streaming of committee hearings and General Session proceedings. 


An additional resource is the State Library. You may access their services in the following ways:


Contact members of the Shawnee County legislative delegation by phone or email (listed below).  Should you wish to contact additional legislators reference the legislative website above for their contact information.


Senator Brenda Dietrich                       785.296.7648               Brenda.Dietrich@senate.ks.gov

Senator Rick Kloos                               785.296.7645               Rick.Kloos@senate.ks.gov

Senator Kristen O’Shea                        785.296-7656              Kristen.OShea@senate.ks.gov


Representative John Alcala                  785.296-7371              John.Alcala@house.ks.gov

Representative Jesse Borjon                 785.296.7374             Jesse.borjon@house.ks.gov

Representative Ken Corbett                 785.296-7679              ken.corbet@house.ks.gov

Representative Kirk Haskins                 785.296.7673              Kirk.Haskins@house.ks.gov

Representative Kyle McNorton             785.296.7460              Kyle.McNorton@house.ks.gov

Representative Vic Miller                     785.296.7630               Vic.Miller@house.ks.gov

Representative Tobias Schlingensiepen 785.296.7669            Tobias.Schlingensiepen@house.ks.gov

Representative Virgil Weigel                785.296.7104               virgil.weigel@house.ks.gov