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Photo of Judy MolerThe President’s Perspective

December, 2017
Judy Moler, Chapter President

Our December 5 Tuesday Topics will be a legislative panel with quite a few of our Topeka/Shawnee County delegation in attendance. In anticipation of that event, it is good to take
note that we are a non partisan political organization. It shows the respect that is given to the LWVTSC that so many of our Senators and Representatives have agreed to come.

Speaking of the state legislature, the State League introduced several bills in the 2017 session that have been “held over”until the 2018 Legislative session. Hopefully, the bills will be given a hearing and acted upon this session. If you wish to view the legislation, our State League has information on its website about the status of these “carry-over” bills. If you would like to read more go to: http://lwvk.org/ks-legislative-reports.

On December 14, the LWVTSC will host a training session, “The Nuts and Bolts of Advocating
for the League of Women Voters.” Details are contained in a separate article in this edition of
the Voter.

Some things to celebrate:
*During 2017, the LWVTSC helped register 585 citizens.
*Marge Ahrens testified before the Shawnee County Commission in favor of the proposed
Shawnee County Comprehensive Plan.
*Vickie Arnett is serving on the State League committee on the 100 Anniversary.
*Camille Nohe and Theresa Kiernan delivered directories that were not picked up at Tuesday
Topics. If you have not received a directory, please let me know.

We are on the go.

There will not be a Voter in December. Enjoy the holidays and be sure to mark your calendar for
the JANUARY 2 Tuesday Topics!

Judy Moler