logo for the League of Women Voters of Topeka and Shawnee County

Too many people don’t take the opportunity to vote. They stay home because they think their one vote doesn’t make a difference in the government of the city, state or nation where they live. But one vote can make a difference. It’s your right and responsibility to vote and to teach your children to vote, too.

Let’s do the math

How important is a single vote?
To make the math easy, say 100 people are eligible to vote on an issue:

  • All 100 people are eligible to vote.
  • If each person registers AND votes, then 51 votes decide the election.
  • If only 60 people register to vote (even though 100 people are eligible) AND ALL 60 vote, just 31 votes win the election.
  • If 60 people register to vote, but only half (30) of them vote … then it takes just 16 votes to win the election.
  • Because many people did not vote, a small group of active voters — just 16 people — controlled the outcome.


The average turnout for a presidential election in Shawnee County is around 73 percent. Local voting tallies are far lower. Just imagine how much better you could make life in Shawnee County if you and your friends took the time to vote.