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Paul Johnson, an organic farmer and a registered lobbyist for the Kansas Rural Center, writes weekly legislative updates during the session.

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In 2017, The League of Women Voters of Kansas is sponsoring the Kansas Rural Center’s “Policy Watch” in order to bring you timely legislative reports from policy analyst Paul Johnson. LWVK and KRC support each other’s mission and recognize the value of coordination and collaboration for the betterment of Kansas.  

Paul follows critical legislation involving taxes and budget, elections and local government, Medicaid expansion, judicial selection, school funding and separation of powers.

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The 2018 Kansas Legislature will convene Jan. 8, 2018.

2017 Legislative Reports  Policy Watch
Report #6 February 17: “Revenue Roundup”
Report #5 February 10: “Tax/Budget Battle Update”
Report #4 February 3:  “Tax Debate Progress”
Report #3 January 27  “Tax Debate”
Report #2 January 20:  “Kansas Budget”
Report #1 January 13:  “Kansas Budget Battles”
Preview Report:  “Political Uncertainties”

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